Does Your Istanbul Vape Make Crackling and Popping Noises?

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When you are vaping in Istanbul, have you ever experienced your device making strange crackling and popping sounds? This would be enough to alarm even expert vapers, let alone novices. Your Istanbul vape may work correctly despite making these noises, but it will annoy you because it sounds different from what you are used to. […]

These Are the Best E-Juice Flavours of All Time


E-juice flavours are essential for vaping in Istanbul. When you get used to vaping with the setup you are most comfortable with, your hunt for the perfect taste will begin. Some people might take a few or a lot of hits throughout the day, and it becomes necessary to find a flavour that you do […]

Why Small Vape Mods Are Becoming Such A New Trend

Why Small Vape Mods a new trend?

Why Small Vape Mods Are Becoming Such A New Trend? Pod vaping devices have kick-started a trend, and there is no turning back. Whether you are a beginner who is Jordan vaping to quit smoking or are already on your fifth device, there is always a good reason to think about pod mods and why […]

Why You Should Avoid Sharing Your Istanbul Vape Device Due to The Coronavirus Outbreak

corona virus

Unfortunately, 2020 has started out bleak with a global Coronavirus outbreak. If you are vaping in Istanbul, you should avoid sharing your vape device with anyone to prevent the risk of getting sick. A senior official from the UK Ministry of Health and Protection (MOHAP) stated on Khaleej Times that there have been a few […]

Is It Safe to Vape?

Is It Safe to Vape

Is It Safe to Vape? Nearly seven out of ten tobacco smokers say that they want to quit the habit. Smoking harms almost every organ in the body, and this also includes the heart. Around a third of heart disease-related deaths have been caused by smoking cigarettes or inhaling second-hand smoke. Therefore, giving up the […]

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