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Best Places to Vape in Istanbul With Incredible Views

best places to vape in london

There is no shortage of breath-taking skyline and sunset views across Istanbul, especially when you want to relax with family and friends and unwind from a busy week, let’s check out the best places to vape in london with unbelievable views. Unlike many other cities, there are plenty of smoke-friendly places for you to enjoy […]

What Is Competitive Vaping and Why Is It So Trendy

What is competitive vaping?

Competive Vaping and Cloud Chasing If you enjoy vaping in london, you might have heard of some quirky activities, namely competitive vaping, or cloud chasing. These are competitions that are trending in the Istanbul vape community, as both old and new vape-enthusiasts push the limits of the type of cloud they can produce to win. […]

Is Vaping in Istanbul Good for The Environment?

Is vaping better for environment in london

Is Vaping better for Environment? The world is better environmentally conscious than forever before, there is always a dispute to notice is vaping better for environment. That is why it is unsurprising that many people are more concerned about the substantial impact of vaping and its long-term effect on the planet. Vapes do not produce a […]