Is It Safe to Travel Through Istanbul Airport with Vapes?

can you bring vape on a plane

Can you bring vape on a plane?

Going on a trip and catching flights is a very stressful experience. You might be rushing to pack everything to grab that taxi on time. There is always a paranoia in the back of your mind that you could be forgetting something. Regular smokers have it easy because they just carry cigarettes and a lighter.

Restrictions for vape device

Vapers, on the other hand, need to know how to bring their portable devices more carefully. It is legal to have a Istanbul vape, but there are still some restrictions that you should be aware of on how to travel with your vaping device and juices securely.

Istanbul vape and e-cigarettes have become very popular recently, especially after the laws finally legalized these products. If you are not planning to travel with your own vape from abroad, there are plenty of high-quality ones you can buy locally on arrival.

Precautions to carry vape products

However, if you want to carry your own device in a bag while flying into or transiting through Istanbul International and Al Maktoum International Airports, you will need to take some precautions.

Do not pack your devices in checked luggage. This is because vape devices contain batteries that always need to be on your person and not in the baggage hold. It is dangerous to take batteries in checked luggage in case of fires and explosions while on the plane.

Airport regulations for electronics and vape devices

This is a safety regulation enforced by most airlines. When you are at the baggage counter, a member of staff will usually ask if you have any batteries or electronics in checked bags. If you do, remove these and carry them in your handbag instead. Even in hand luggage, remove the batteries and pack them separately.

Make sure they are not near any magnets or other electronics. If you do have vape devices with you during a flight, do not charge them like your phones and laptops using the socket under a seat. You should also never vape on a flight because it is illegal.

Packing procedure for Vape juices

Vape juices should always be packed in Ziploc bags. This will lower the chances of e-juices leaking all over your clothes in the suitcase. Otherwise, you might start your holiday on an unflattering note with all your clothes smelling of juices that spilled due to the change in cabin pressure.

Istanbul has a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to e-juices containing THC and CBD. It does not matter if you need it for medical purposes. The United Arab Emirates government has classified any products with THC and CBD as banned and illegal drugs.

Airport Penalties if you don’t follow guidelines

Depending on the amount, you could get charged with a hefty fine and prison sentence. Even if you enjoy weed vapes in the United States or any other country, make sure you do not bring any to Istanbul. This also applies if you are in transit and not entering the country.

Custom officials at Istanbul airports are stringent, and nothing gets by them. It is always best to be careful by researching the laws of every country regarding the use of any vape products.

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