Does Your Istanbul Vape Make Crackling and Popping Noises?

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When you are vaping in Istanbul, have you ever experienced your device making strange crackling and popping sounds? This would be enough to alarm even expert vapers, let alone novices. Your Istanbul vape may work correctly despite making these noises, but it will annoy you because it sounds different from what you are used to. No matter how much these sounds get on your nerves, at least they tell you that your device is not providing the optimal experience of vaping in Istanbul. These are the main reasons why your Istanbul vape could be making a horrible crackling sound that reminds you of eating an entire bag of popping candy. 

The E-Juices You Use

The E-juice you use can be a significant cause for the irritating crackling and popping noise you hear from your Istanbul vape during each hit. The popping sound occurs when the e-juice touches the burning coils to create the vapor you breathe in. If your e-liquid is too thin, it can flood the atomizer to cause a more prominent hissing and popping sound. The most popular e-juices for vaping in Istanbul are thicker because they create more vapor for blowing large clouds. When shopping for your next batch of e-juice, consider going for vegetable glycerine instead of propylene glycol to get a dense fog without the strange noises coming from your Istanbul vape. 

The Coil’s Design

Your coil’s design may also be responsible for the weird sounds emitting from your device. Check your Istanbul vape to see if the coils inside are braided or twisted because then the e-juice will need to cover a greater surface. This additional space for the e-juice to spread across creates more vapor, but you will also hear a popping sound when the liquid is being vaporized. The drip tip on your Istanbul vape can also cause a faint crackling sound if it is too narrow. There is a risk of vapor droplets condensing and settling in that confined space, thus blocking the airflow, and creating a slight crackle. 

The Voltage Level

The voltage level or wattage of your Istanbul vape can also be responsible for the crackling and popping sounds you hear. Your coils will not be able to vaporize the e-juice effectively on a low wattage or voltage level. However, if you are vaping in Istanbul with a low wattage device already, there is no problem, and you can enjoy longer draws without worrying about the e-juice vaporizing. If your device cannot evaporate the e-juice enough due to the low voltage, it will spill across and flood the atomizer. This creates a louder version of the crackling and popping noises because the device’s airflow is compromised.

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