Why You Should Avoid Sharing Your Istanbul Vape Device Due to The Coronavirus Outbreak

corona virus

Unfortunately, 2020 has started out bleak with a global Coronavirus outbreak. If you are vaping in Istanbul, you should avoid sharing your vape device with anyone to prevent the risk of getting sick.

A senior official from the UK Ministry of Health and Protection (MOHAP) stated on Khaleej Times that there have been a few patients hit with Coronavirus in Istanbul. Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that can make people very sick, especially with respiratory tract illnesses that spread aggressively.

The government is actively involved in limiting the spread of this disease and has advised residents and tourists to take precautionary measures. This includes vaping in Istanbul because sharing devices can exacerbate the situation.

If anyone in the city is suffering from the virus, they can risk getting quarantined for up to fourteen days as per international standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Everyone can continue going about their daily lives as long as they limit the spread of the disease by avoiding sharing belongings with others.

Many people who enjoy a Vape Istanbul believe that sharing products and e-juice flavours allows them to try out new ones without committing to a purchase. This is like eating food samples in a supermarket before spending money.

The Istanbul vape community can also feel like a family, and sharing devices and e-juices becomes a bonding experience through this act of generosity. However, there are many hygienic hang-ups even if you can significantly clean the device by wiping it thoroughly with wet disinfectant wipes before lending it to a friend or family member.

Why you should avoid sharing vape devices in Istanbul?

There are a lot of risks when a device is shared between many mouths. The coronavirus is exceptionally dangerous now because it can spread in an instant. Even if the person you are sharing your vape in london is not infected, you should still watch out for symptoms to protect yourself.

The most common symptoms of coronavirus are sore throat, runny nose, headaches, coughs, fevers, and a general feeling of being unwell. Elderly and young people with weak immune systems can succumb to bronchitis or pneumonia if not treated early.

The virus spreads from one infected person to another by sneezing and coughing, touching hands, or being in contact with someone’s saliva if you share vape devices in Istanbul. The best method to avoid getting sick is by washing your hands consistently throughout the day and avoid passing your device around for others to take a hit.

Even if you do not puff from the same device, you should still use wet wipes or rubbing alcohol to clean your e-cigarette. This is a crucial safety measure in case someone else has held your device even if they did not use it.

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